Why artists need distribution deals in 2023

As an artist, one of the most important goals is getting your music heard by as many people as possible. That’s where distribution comes in. A distribution deal is an agreement between you, the artist, and a distribution company, such as a record label, that will help you get your music out to more people. Here’s why a distribution deal is needed for an artist:

1. Wide exposure: A distribution deal can get your music into more stores, online platforms, and physical music stores. This gives your music more exposure and puts it in front of a wider audience. The more people who hear your music, the better chance you have of building a fan base and making a name for yourself.

2. Professional support: Working with a distribution company means that you have access to a team of professionals who will help you navigate the complex world of music distribution. They know how to get your music onto the right platforms and into the right stores, and they have the resources and experience to help your music succeed.

3. Increased revenue: With a distribution deal, you’ll also have access to more revenue streams. This can include streaming royalties, physical sales, licensing opportunities, and more. By getting your music out to more people, you’ll have more chances to earn money from your music.

4. More time to focus on music: A distribution deal means that you won’t have to worry as much about the logistics of getting your music out to the world. This gives you more time to focus on what really matters – making music. You can spend more time writing, recording, and touring, knowing that your distribution partner is taking care of your business needs.

In conclusion, a distribution deal is an important step for any artist looking to get their music out to a wider audience. With a distribution partner, artists can focus on making great music while professionals take care of the business side of things, helping the artist to get their music out into the world and into the hands of fans.

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