What is a music distribution deal and how do they benefit artists?

When an artist creates music, they usually want to share it with the world. However, it can be challenging to distribute music effectively, especially for emerging and independent artists. That’s where music distribution deals come in.

A music distribution deal is a legal agreement between an artist and a distributor that governs the distribution and sales of the artist’s music. The distributor is responsible for getting the music onto various platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and other music streaming platforms. The distributor also handles the physical distribution of the music, such as vinyl records, CDs, and merchandising.

Typically, music distribution deals come in two forms: digital distribution deals and physical distribution deals. A digital distribution deal grants the distributor the right to distribute digital copies of the music. This includes streaming, downloads, and other internet-based methods for accessing music. A physical distribution deal, on the other hand, covers physical mediums such as CDs, vinyl, or cassettes.

In exchange for their distribution services, the distributor usually takes a cut of the artist’s revenue. These cuts can vary but typically are in the range of 20 – 30% of total revenue. The specifics of revenue sharing, marketing, and distribution strategies are usually outlined in the contract between the artist and the distributor.

Music distribution deals can be significantly beneficial to artists since distributors have established relationships with major streaming services and music stores, making it easier for artists to get their music out to audiences globally. The benefits of music distribution deals include gaining access to larger audiences, increased revenue, and the ability to focus on the creative process, knowing that their music is in the hands of professionals.

In conclusion, music distribution deals are legal contracts that help artists distribute their music to a larger audience. Whether it’s physical or digital, music distribution deals can help artists expand their reach and get their music heard all around the world.

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