“Sorry” by Lul Nine; Putting Hampton, VA on the map!

Hampton, Virginia – January 30th, 2024 – Rising rap artist Lul Nine has dropped a chart-topping single, “Sorry,” featuring the electrifying presence of BIGBABYGUCCI. Created two years ago during the artist’s early stages in the rap game, “Sorry” holds a special place in Lul Nine’s heart as it represents the inception of his journey into the world of music. “Sorry” narrates Lul Nine’s feeling of being chosen to embark on a musical path, fulfilling a lifelong dream. Serving as the artist’s initial steps toward turning dreams into reality, the track is an ode to the transformative power of pursuing one’s passions. Lul Nine describes the single as having a jumpy, upbeat vibe that is sure to make listeners want to get up and dance whenever it graces their ears. The infectious energy and dynamic delivery by both Lul Nine and BIGBABYGUCCI make “Sorry” stand out as a must-listen moment of 2022. When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Lul Nine reveals that he was in a positive mood during its creation, intending to infuse the same uplifting energy into the hearts of his audience. The song’s genesis is ironically tied to BIGBABYGUCCI, with the beat being a type of beat inspired by the renowned artist. Lul Nine expresses his excitement about having BIGBABYGUCCI on the remix, citing the significant impact the artist had on his evolving sound. Lul Nine envisions fans enjoying the song in various settings – from dancing at parties to singing along during late-night drives. The bouncy beat and engaging verses make it impossible to resist the urge to move with the rhythm. Lul Nine’s “Sorry” featuring BIGBABYGUCCI is out now and available on all major streaming platforms.


Introducing Lul Nine! The Musical Maverick himself, Lul Nine was born and raised in the vibrant city of Hampton, Virginia. From a young age, Lul Nine nurtured a deep love for music, aspiring to become a superstar who would inspire and captivate audiences worldwide. However, self-doubt held him from pursuing his dreams, leading him to explore avenues where he could contribute to the music world without stepping into the limelight. Lul Nine found solace and purpose behind the scenes, immersing himself in music production, engineering, and designing cover art for other artists. Guided by his innate talent and dedication, he became a valuable collaborator for his high school friends who were also pursuing their love for music. Everything changed when fate brought Lul Nine together with his girlfriend and her younger brother, who shared the same fervor for music as he did. Recognizing the young musician’s talent and his struggle to access proper recording resources, Lul Nine decided to make a lasting impact on his musical journey. As a gesture of support and encouragement, Lul Nine gifted his girlfriend’s brother an in-home studio setup on his birthday, intending to nurture his untapped potential. Witnessing his protégé’s progress and the unwavering dedication he put into his craft, Lul Nine’s perception gradually shifted. Inspired by the consistency and drive he observed, he began to contemplate his musical ambitions. Encouraged by his newfound motivation and the unyielding belief in his creativity, Lul Nine finally decided to step out of the shadows and pursue his path as an artist. Releasing his music to the world for the first time, Lul Nine received an overwhelming response. Fans instantly connected with his distinctive sound, characterized by a careful fusion of rap and rock elements. Lul Nine continued to refine his craft, honing his skills and developing a sound that resonates deeply with his growing fanbase. With each new release, Lul Nine continues to showcase his versatility, authenticity, and ability to craft an emotional connection through music. Armed with his raw talent, unshakeable determination, and a sound that defies expectations, Lul Nine is poised to become a defining force and an inspiration for aspiring artists as he continues to traverse uncharted territories within the music industry.

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