Introducing Cami Bear – “strangers on the phone”

“Strangers on the Phone” is Cami Bear’s second solo single. It is the first release of her debut EP set to release in 2024. The record showcases Cami Bear’s keen ability to fuse the sounds that inspire her to pave her lane in pop music. She lays over soulful pop-rock vocals over a drum and bass beat, creating an eccentric sound for listeners across the globe. This song mimics a phone call through dialogue-like lyrics directly inspired by texts and voicemails with an ex and a funky distortional vocal mix to transport listeners through what she defines as the wild ride of love, its downfall, and moving on. Her powerful voice takes every turn throughout this record and exhibits a new layer to her artistry that fans have not yet been exposed to.


Cami Bear is a dynamic singer-songwriter known for her infectious pop melodies, soulful old-school voice, and eccentric musical style- poised to create records that will have you hooked from the start. Growing up on the sounds of icons who inspire her artistry such as Amy Winehouse, Christina Aguilera, and Nelly Furtado, Cami Bear naturally delivers her sound nostalgically- familiar, yet never heard before.  With a passion for fusing sounds and crafting her sonic universe, she invites listeners to immerse themselves in her one-of-a-kind musical and visual world. Keep a close eye on Cami Bear- an emerging artist destined to captivate the music scene and become a name to remember.

Cami Bear has amassed 1.1 Million streams on Spotify in the last year. She reached over 421,370 listeners on Spotify in the last year. Her songs have been saved over 18,000+ times on Spotify and have landed 29,218 playlists including editorial Night Rider, New Music Friday UK, New Music Friday Dance, and Ibiza 2023. Her Spotify catalog has been streamed in 167 different countries, the top being 1. USA, 2. UK, 3. Germany, 4. Australia, and 5. Canada. 35% of her song shares this year have been through direct links. This year she became a top 10 most streamed artist for 34 Spotify users and a top 5 most streamed artist for 5 Spotify users. Cami Bear has 2M+ lifetime streams on Apple Music and 583 song purchases on iTunes. However, this year, she has amassed 890K+ plays on Apple Music and grown her average daily listeners to 2.2K. Cami Bear has had 248 song purchases this year on iTunes.

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