What is an EPK and Why do I Need One?

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Whether you like it or not, technology has become a crucial and integrated part of the music industry. An indie artist’s ability to navigate through the industry by using all the technology at their disposal can make or break a career. While an EPK isn’t new technology by any means, it’s still one of the most important things for an independent artist to have and keep up to date. 

So what is an EPK? You might have been asked to share one before, you might have been asked if you have one or use it, and if you’re reading this, chances are I’ve asked you for one myself. An EPK or electronic press kit is essentially your resume and profile as an artist. The term EPK is an overall blanket statement for the document or link you use as an artist to easily share who you are with anyone who wants to learn more about you. 

What should I include in my EPK? Typically, an EPK needs to include at LEAST, your bio, press photos of yourself, links to your music, social media accounts, and your music videos. However, if you’re going to spend the time, effort, and money on making one, you should strive for a perfect EPK. When I’m making an EPK for an artist, here are the things I make sure to include:

  • Press photos – No one wants to work with a faceless name, show off your personality and image with high quality press photos of yourself. 
  • Bio – Tell your story and pitch who you are.
  • Social links – Links to all your socials.
  • Music links – Links to all your music across different platforms.
  • Video links – Links to your music videos + blogs.
  • Show history – List your performance history.
  • Fan demographics (top cities, gender, etc.) – Show who and where your fans are 
  • Press/blogs written about you – Include links to any press you’ve had written about you. It shows that you’ve been covered before and shows that you value the write ups you do land. 

Why’s having an EPK matter? The whole goal of an EPK is to help tell your story in a simple, organized, and exciting way. Are you looking to get booked for shows? Get your new song on your favorite playlist? Looking to land a huge blog placement with a major publication? If you’re looking to obtain ANY opportunity in 2022, having an EPK is the first step to doing it. Being an artist is as competitive as ever. As an independent artist, you have hundreds of not thousands of artists fighting for the same shows, blogs, playlists, interviews, and overall opportunities. The two main reasons you need an EPK & why it helps:

  • Ease of access – One of the easiest ways to beat the competition when submitting for any opportunity is being easy to work with. This does include the initial conversation you have with whoever you’re submitting too. If you send over your EPK with all the relevant information the blogger or concert promoter could need or want, you’re going to skyrocket up their list of potential artists to work with. As a concert promoter, there is nothing I hate more than needing to ask for links to socials or music, asking for additional info on the artist, and having to pry this info out of a manager or artist. You can AND will help yourself by putting everything you have and everything that tells your story into one simple place in your EPK. If I can click a link, read your bio, listen to your music and see your stats, I can instantly know if you’re a fit for a show or playlist without having to come back to you asking for more information which makes all the difference in the world and will at least get you to be considered for this shows, blogs or playlists. 
  • Professional – Having a professional pitch and having an EPK goes hand in hand for me. When pitching to a venue or publication, your branding and first impression is EVERYTHING. By having a well designed, easy to read EPK, you’ll show off your strong branding, give whoever your pitching too all the info they need to make a decision on whether not to work with you. Everyone wants to work with someone who takes their job seriously. As a promoter, I want to book artists who are serious about being an artist and serious about performing. Having an EPK gives me a great first impression and shows that you are not only prepared, but that you really want to perform on the show and are doing the necessary things to make it happen.

How can I create my own EPK? By this point, if you aren’t convinced you need one, I’m not sure what else I can say to get you to value the importance of one. If you don’t have any graphic design or website developer experience, it can be a little tricky putting together your EPK. Tap in with a graphic designer, or find a free template/design online and fill it out with your relevant information. Make sure to check spelling, links, and the overall presentation of the EPK. 

If you’re looking for help with your EPK, shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’d be happy to build one for you and help you progress along your journey as an artist.

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