Three things upcoming artists can do to start growing their fan bases a little bit quicker

Navigating the music industry as an independent musician is harder now in 2020 than ever before. Music fans across the world have been able to rejoice as their options to discover new artists and music is higher now than ever before, but for upcoming artists it has become difficult to organically grow without a label or financial backer to help push your music. Not only is it extremely hard for artists to gain attention, but it is even harder to keep it once your 5 seconds of fame under the spotlight has passed. In order to stand out amongst the competition and to start growing your fan base and following, it’s crucial for young and independent artists to use the FREE resources at their disposal. Below are three quick and easy tasks that every upcoming artist can start doing today that will help them grow their fan bases and followings just a little bit quicker. 

One: Start posting more consistently and having better quality content to post across all of your social media accounts. This means two things. One, getting into some type of rhythm and schedule when you’re posting on social media and actively looking to see when your followers are most likely to engage with your content. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all have indepth analytics that can provide you with the data and analytics you need to determine when your followers are actively using these platforms and when they will be most likely to see and engage in your content. Two, this means not only posting consistently and having a schedule in place, but it means making sure you have high quality and eye catching content to post. 

Two: Start collaborating with fellow artists. Beginning to collaborate with fellow artists is a great way to get your music and brand in front of new potential fans and no, this does not mean paying an artist with a larger following a few thousand dollars for a feature. It means finding fellow artists that make the same style of music as you and who have the same following as you. Being able to create sonically beautiful music with a peer will help you both gain the attention of potential new fans and help to grow your fan base. 

Three: Word-of-mouth advertising. The most important thing you can do as an independent artist is to have your friends share and repost your music on social media and in person. Whether that means simply reposting your latest music video post on Instagram or retweeting your new song link, nothing is more powerful than having your friends and fans organically share your content and music with their friends. 

By incorporating these three quick and easy tasks into their marketing plan, artists will be able to begin growing their fan bases at a faster rate than before. Slowly building your fan base one fan at a time will pay off in the long run and will allow you to live independently off your music. To learn more, reach out to us by sending us a message on Instagram, or head to our website for more tips, tricks and strategies. 

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