Spider-Man – No Way Home Review

Usually I don’t write reviews on any Marvel or Star Wars films. With big franchises it’s impossible to separate my feelings and opinions from the previous connecting movies (in this case 25+ MCU films). While I’m not going to give “No Way Home” an official “score”, this one was too good to not at least share my thoughts on. Spider-Man “No Way Home” is an extravagant movie. It is an emotional, thrill ride of action, excitement, and FUN. Tom Holland and Zendaya’s chemistry on screen is perhaps the best of any duo this year. Tom Holland continues to show why he is the BEST actor to bring the live action Spider-Man to life. 

Perhaps where it shines best is its ability to be enjoyed outside of the MCU. While it’s impossible to forget that you are watching an MCU/superhero themed movie, “No Way Home” is overall just a fantastic movie. From stellar production, special effects, and AMAZING acting, the newest installment of the Spider-Man franchise is one of the best MCU movies made. If you aren’t a fan of the Marvel franchise or superhero movies in general, I still highly recommend watching the Tom Holland Spider-Man trilogy, especially Spider-Man “No Way Home”. Go see this one in the theaters and enjoy the overall experience. Even if it has already been spoiled for you, it’s still highly enjoyable and is 100% worth the watch. 

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