BIGBABYGUCCI releases official music video for ‘Belly of the Beast’

BIGBABYGUCCO stays in the spotlight by dropping cult classic visuals for his song ‘Belly of the Beast’. Directed by Dylan Smith of @goodtroublevideo, Gucci’s new video offers fans a mysterious and mesmerizing vibe. With heavy influences from Tom Cruise’s Eyes Wide Shut, Gucci’s new visuals marry a cinematic experience with his own music inspired style. “I wanted this video to feel as big as Gucci does, larger than life. His music SCREAMS professionalism, so I wanted to make sure this video met that level of production in every regard, especially the costumes, architecture and actors. The architecture from the legendary Keith Albee Theatre is the star of the show…we were really lucky to be able to use some place so authentic.” – Dylan Smith. The 1950’s, big baller style music video might just be the best music video of 2023 and will certainly impress Gucci’s fans, as well as any cinema lovers who tune in. 

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