Wednesday Movie Review (2022)

Is Netflix back? One of the most hyped shows of the year, “WEDNESDAY” dropped at the end of November and after the endless memes and amazing reviews, I broke down to watch the new Tim Burton series. First and foremost, I am pleasantly surprised with the entire series and Jenna Ortega’s near-perfect performance. Season 1 flew by WAY too fast as I binged the 8 episode season in one day. I truly enjoyed diving into the world of Nevermore Academy and Wednesday Addams.

“WEDNESDAY ” is a SUPERnatural 8.7 out of 10. The entire cast kills it and while I can’t say much about the original Addams Family movies, I feel that “WEDNESDAY” does it justice. Throughout the 8 episodes, there are so many small nuances to love. The attention to detail and overall plot development tied in with loveable characters, and genuine acting performances. It’s an extremely easy watch and feels like a mix of a murder mystery, classic horror movie vibes, and a touch of comedy. Season 1 offers so much to love in a tv series and should 100% be on your watch list. It’s one of the best shows of the year and will have me on the edge of my couch waiting for season 2 to be announced. 

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