Stranger Things Season 4 Review (2022)

Neither of my parents have watched any of “Stranger Things”, so hopefully this review can inspire them to binge watch…I can’t be the only one who wasn’t happy with “Stranger Things” after Season 3 ended. Season 4 of “Stranger Things” makes up for all the underwhelming & disappointing feelings. It gets off to such an EXCITING start and instantly throws you back into the world of Hawkins. Set in March 1986, eight months after the events of the third season, the fourth season is split between different plotlines focused on Hawkins, California, Russia, and the Upside Down of course. The overall feel of the 80’s is incredible, from the style, fashion, music, movie references, and lingo – Season 4 teleports you into the world the Duffer Brothers have created. 

“Stranger Things” Season 4  is a nostalgic, exciting, & entertaining 8.9 out of 10. So much was done right, from the continuation of character development from our favorite kids, to the great additions of new characters like Eddie, to a well thought out plot, enjoyable dialogue, and phenomenal WOW moments that show how the Duffer Brothers are phenomenal creators. The penultimate episode of this season is one of the best of the series and is probably one of the best episodes of Netflix TV EVER. They simultaneously set up great heights and suspense while having an action-packed episode. This season has so many great moments that have been building over the course of the last 3 seasons. While the final episode of Season 4 left me a little underwhelmed, it’s hard to follow up such a near-perfect episode. If you have Netflix and haven’t watched any of “Stranger Things”, stop sleeping and go binge it ASAP. For all you fans of the upside down reading this, better catch up & watch the newest season soon.

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