Olivia King Delivers Brand New Break Up Song You Never Knew You Needed In Her New Single “Break Your Own Heart”

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Warwick, Rhode Island – After one of Olivia King’s recent releases this year, one of her ex’s reached out to her trying to reconnect, which we all know never goes well.  With her last single “Eileen” being a TikTok hit and huge success across her different channels, Olivia doubles down on going after her ex’s and is back with her new single “Breaking Your Own Heart”. Break Your Own Heart is a song Olivia wrote with her Instagram followers on her.  The concept of him “breaking his own heart” by leaving her years ago and now regretting it, made this song come to life! Her last release was featured on Fresh Finds & Fresh Finds Pop with a $10,000 TikTok budget driving heavy traffic to her Spotify & socials.

For media personnel: “Break Your Own Heart” by Olivia King is out now on all digital platforms. For more information, promo requests, or to arrange an interview with Olivia King, contact Brady Altland at info@amgmusic.org.

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