283 links up with DMV heavy hitter, Lil Xelly for 2 song EP, “MISADVENTURES IN ROCKVILLE!”

Atlanta, GA – 283, the duo out of the ATL, has been on a roll the last few months releasing massive collaborations with Bear1boss, ATLsmook, RXK Nephew, Nigo Chanel, Skip Gocar, and now DMV heavy hitter, Lil Xelly! The two song EP, “MISADVENTURES IN ROCKVILLE” features “Naughty” an energetic, trap based party hit and “BOOYAH” a melodic and vibrant single accompanied by visuals. As soon as you press play on the EP, it puts you in the zone to get up and go get it. 283 describes the EP as “count up music.” The cover art is an ode to Lupin the Third who is an infamous thief with a team that goes to extreme lengths to pull off heists. 283 felt that it is the perfect embodiment for the EP because you have to get to the bag by any means. “Lil Xelly is fire so to combine both of our sounds would result in nothing but bangers the videos were shot out there in Rockville and Xelly showed us a few of his go to spots out there so it was really like some misadventures type plus the way we met was backstage at a show in DC sept of 2022 that we opened on. Just us & bruh kickin it.” – 283.

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