AMG or Alta Music Group was founded in 2017. AMG aims to supply upcoming artists with guidance, management, and financial support so that artists are heard. To put things simply, we are here to make artists’ lives easier so they can focus on their music. 

To put my name and work behind a brand I created AMG or Alta Music Group. We aren’t a record label per say, but we do work with up and coming artists who have a common goal and a passion for music and devote our time and knowledge to help our artists grow and prosper in the hip hop industry. 

We offer artists the ability to be heard. At AMG we strive to work with artists who have a passion for music and determination to grow in the music industry. We offer management for your music career. We handle everything from uploading your music to Spotify, Itunes, Google Play, Tidal, etc, booking shows, venues, features, working with producers and other artists, website design, marketing and promotion, financial support, guidance, and more!

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Brady Altland: [email protected]